Most women think Parisian style aka ‘French chic’ is just a fashion trend. However, Parisian style isn’t just a fashion movement, it is a lifestyle. It’s more than having that cool, effortlessly-chic look, it is also about having confidence, individuality and elegance. Like they always say, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. But we say, hey, it doesn’t hurt to look and feel great on the outside right?!

So what does it take to pull off this ‘je ne sais quoi’ look? We look to stylish Parisians to find out.

Personal stylist and fashion blogger Aloïs Guinut tells us all the secrets in her book “Dress Like a Parisian”. There are 7 characteristics that she points out in her book.

1. La nonchalance (effortlessness) – She’s able to pull off that “I woke up like this look” oh so well. She throws on some perfect, basic clothes, stunning accessories, an optional statement piece, a bold lipstick, and voilà! The secret is investing the time to buy truly perfect basics.

2. L’élégance (elegance) – Elegance is everyday visual politeness. It is all about the clothes she chooses and the attitude when wearing them.

3. La discrétion (understatement) – Parisian style is “casual, smart & understated”. For her, less is more. She’s able to balance her sexy bright red party dress with a casual attitude and effortless makeup & hair.

4. La sensualité (sensuality) – Accentuating her natural beauty and individuality is her biggest asset. Parisian style is about emphasizing the woman in the clothes.

5. Le plaisir (fun) – She’s a free-spirit when it comes to fashion and doesn’t take trends too seriously. She loves adding fun details. If you’ve seen the movie “Amelie”, you can see the fun and quirkiness of Parisian styling.

6. La singularité (individuality) – Parisians love their basics! So to stand out, she creates individuality in the details. She compliments her basics by finding special pieces from unknown brands or vintage shops.

7. La rébellion (breaking the rules) – She knows what she likes and she’s going to wear what she wants. These tips are merely easy recipes, but it is up to her to add the dressing.

We’ve definitely got some awesome tips from Aloïs. I think the most important takeaway from all of this is that each woman is beautiful in her own way, and finding ways to accentuate her natural beauty and individuality is the sexiest thing. Less is more.

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