parisian home decor

parisian home decor

There is no secret that French homes have an elegance and flair to them. How do you achieve that "je ne sais quoi" look? Well, we can say for one thing, there's more thought and emotion that goes into it then just decorating.

Much like how Parisians curate their wardrobe, they also decorate their homes using the same mentality.   The key is starting with the perfect basics, both in clothing and in decor.  A blank canvas with white walls is the perfect start and the fun starts from there.

You can see in our article "What is Parisian Style?", that there are seven tips on Parisian fashion style and we can relate these same seven tips to French home decor.

Here they are:


1. La nonchalance (effortlessness) – Parisians don't like their homes too cluttered. Starting with white walls give them the ability to add furniture and decor with the right amount of color. Rarely would they use accent walls, and if they do, it's usually a color that compliments their space oh so perfectly. The right balance is so important so the space can look fresh and chic.

2. L’élégance (elegance) – Just like how they dress, there is also a sense of elegance in the decor. A touch of gold can make all the difference. Adding a glamorous piece statement piece like a crystal chandelier, a gilded mirror or an ornate loveseat can change the entire room.

3. La discrétion (understatement) - Overstaging is a pet peeve. Everything should fall into place naturally. Things should be smartly place and useable. A lot of Parisian homes are very small and compact so usage of space is very important.

4. La sensualité (sensuality) – Every space in the home has a sense of purpose and thoughtfully decorated. This is their sanctuary.  Their space accentuates their beauty, individuality, and lifestyle.

5. Le plaisir (fun) – One huge thing about how Parisians decorate is their love for mixing new and vintage finds. They add an element of fun by mixing new and old, and neutrals with pops of color.  Little quirky details here and there is no surprise in a French home.  Who remembers the iconic gnome in the movie Amelie?

parisian living room decor

6. La singularité (individuality) - They let the space evolve naturally. Not everything is always predetermined. There is a lot of history in their pieces and eventually everything that is pretty will go together.  Start with the bare basics and the rest evolves with their personality.

7. La rébellion (breaking the rules) Just like in Parisians aren't obsessed with the latest trend, they don't follow the rules when the decorate as well. They could be adding a mod 1950s table with a modern couch and a 1920s Parisian rug.

Now are you ready to add some Parisian flare to your home?  Here are some of our favorite pieces to spruce up your space.





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